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My wife isharemybitch and I, married for eight years, 39 am, and she is 33, had an average sex life a lot, you know, the same as always, a few months ago, when I said nothing during sex that I was in my head for years, and this is her enjoy sex with another man to see. I would be surprised, but it seemed really out to a switch for both security and passionate feelings came to us as our sex life improved dramatically and verbally Seemed more and more sex and more about our fantasies. After presenting to the page and look through some ads that I said it was not for them. I thought that was the end of my dirty imagination always real, but after a few more ' vebal ' hot sex session, she said she fuck another man, if that's what I wanted, but that ! Choose! Now, my emotions went crazy, I felt like I was a little sick and weak. I do not know why, after all it was my idea, butto listen, tell your lovely wife who is willing to do such a thing really gave his heart beat faster ! any case, the passage of time, and they told me as we make love, how we were going to a hotel to live and to have this little secret, without that my cock has never known the rigidity and she had also started to have orgasms much stronger and more dramatic. I must admit I thought it was just a little imagination, you never really have come true................. that is, until this past weekend. We managed to get the kids to my parents this weekend, so we decided to go stay in isharemybitch a shopping trip to Leeds and get at the Marriott. It was not planned anything, but isharemybitch a bit of a break with a little shopping and have a drink, but when we reached the hotel and were greeted with a quick fuck, as you do, whispered softly in my ear and said : ' that night, someone going to do exactly what you are doing now. ' Well, in my condom broke (which has been out of the pill for four years) almost immediately and also had an explosion of an orgasm. It was what was really going to isharemybitch happen, I want too, isharemybitch I was afraid, but we went shopping this afternoon and bought a new complete system for her and she was trying the whole time of the different clothes and underwear selection to buy I thought, shit, I actually think a man is a stranger from the alienation of those of you tonight, new underwear, I buy that too for my beautiful wife, my wife, another man who never reached her, because we isharemybitch started together. I shuddered, feeling a little angry and jealous that he wanted to spend more time with my wife! But mostly, I was absolutely rock solid all afternoon, to the point they started to hurt. That night, after they both agreed that my wife had a long relaxing bath, dressed in all things new. I've never left his side. His mouth was dry, I could barely speak and could not concentrate. All ready for youbird, he turned to me and said, 'Do not worry, I will send a isharemybitch text' kissed me then isharemybitch he was gone. We agreed she goes to the bar and see what happens. I went up and down the empty hotel room, which was on TV, then off, I have no idea what to do, I always thought that what he was doing and with whom? Finally, after what seemed like ages I received the text 'ok hun s still in effect, going out for drinks, probs take some time. X. And that was it! I wanted to mourn, not I could imagine enjoying a tourism company, always drunk slowly and then who knows what else ? That was the longest night I ever had. slam the door I heard the card lock, which was of 4 the morning. I got up and she came. she was always still a little tipsy and her makeup was gone. her hair was messy. just came to me and smiled, hugged me and told me he loved me. I did not dare to speak. I sat down, and that's what he said. 'I went to the bar and have a drink, before long, I wby a man in his forties, who introduced himself and said he was working out, I knew no one and that I care if he kicked me because I was on my own observation. I agreed, so we had a few drinks and chat single general. After a while I asked if I wanted some company at night, I must admit I was attracted to him, I thought then agreed. ' He paused for a moment, then took a deep breath just spit it. ' We isharemybitch had sex ', waited for an answer, but I was speechless, so it is exercised,' we had sex three times, could not maintain your hands off me, I can not believe I let it go, but it was fantastic. 'With this, isharemybitch she went to tell me what positions he had said that she sucked and what he had done, there are six or seven times what I have never been able to. ' There is nothing, if ' said worringly. again assured him that this is all my work and it was too late to keep secrets now anyway, whichjust lay on the bed and spread her legs, had no underwear, but it was not... they did come to a complete stranger to her, I could see the color red mist coming out of her swollen lips. She continued saying that a surprise, isharemybitch had a coil fitted and wanted to tell me that I was finally able to get into it, but things are moving so fast that which was lost, I'd say not only my beautiful wife had just had sex with a stranger, however, was that the man did not even know the first man to four years, to shoot his cum deep into my wife. My emotions were running wild, it was my fault, but you know what ? I held my beautiful wife in my arms and tougher building I've had, the sweet love to her, was so passionate, and at that moment I realized the depth of my love for her was. Since then we have been working as a teenager, is not only able to get enough of each other. I love my wife very much and know that they are so strong togetheras usual.
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